Help build our future.

CONNECT opportunities. PROMOTE New Brunswick. MENTOR people.

The ONB Connects initiative is designed to help create economic growth in New Brunswick by:

  1. Making connections that Opportunities NB and New Brunswick companies can nurture into real economic opportunities
  2. Promoting New Brunswick as a great place to locate or grow a business
  3. Creating mentorship opportunities within New Brunswick’s business community

Share your connections with us, and we’ll do the rest

Through ONB Connects, you can help build New Brunswick’s future by sharing your connections. A connection is someone with a tie to New Brunswick who is interested in bringing people and ideas together, or mentoring others.

A connection can be the name of a person or company outside New Brunswick who might be interested in doing business with NB companies, or expanding or locating a business, partnering or investing here.

Business leaders, expats, university alumni. Anyone. Anywhere.

Our team is ready to help turn your connection into an economic opportunity for New Brunswick.

About Opportunities NB

Client-focused, proactive, professional and accountable, Opportunities NB is the first point of contact for local and foreign businesses looking to grow, expand or locate. Many of the world’s most successful companies have discovered that New Brunswick is built for business.

As Canada’s only bilingual province, our workforce is powerful, talented and committed. Our natural strategic location in Atlantic Canada makes New Brunswick a prime location for your expansion or location plans.

Don’t just take our word for it; see what other business leaders are saying about doing business here.

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